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Ghost Kato 5

Ghost Kato 5
Ghost MTB Bicycle Kato 5
Ghost MTB bicycle Kato 5

url- http://onlinebicycles.in/product/ghost-kato-5/

offer ₹63,499.00

Hardtail Trail Bike

Performance /practice Level Components

The 2015 Ghost Kato 5 is a hardtail bike designed for trail riding. It has 27.5-inch / 650B wheels, an aluminum frame, 120 mm of travel, and entry-level components.

The Ghost Kato 5 weighs 29.1 pounds/13kg. This is about the average (29.10 pounds) weight of a hardtail trail bike with good components.


In India Kato 5 comes in only 18inch frame.
The Kato 5 is a trail mountain bike. Trail bikes sit in between cross-country and all-mountain bikes, allowing them to perform well on a diverse set of terrain. They typically have between 120-160mm of 

front travel distance. This is the distance the front shocker travels and a more relaxed geometry than cross-country bikes. 

The Kato 5 has 3 chainrings on the crankset, and 10 gears on the cassette, giving the bike 30 possible gear ratios (speeds). Since this bike has three chainrings (instead of 1 or 2), the front derailleur may be more prone to developing play in gear shifting, and may require more maintenance than a bike with fewer chainrings.

In all the  practical scenarios, one does not change front gears often and plays with the rear derailleur only.

This 30-speed trail bike has a max gear ratio of 40/11. This gear ratio, combined with the 27.5-inch / 650B wheels, give the Kato 5 a max gearing of 100 gear inches. This is a high max gearing and will allow you to pick up speed on flatter terrain with great efficiency.

The Kato 5 has a minimum gear ratio of 22/36 (17 gear inches). The minimum gear ratio is fairly low and will make longer climbs and steeper ascents attainable for most.


Average rating 4/5

Rating- 3.5/5

Best rating-  5

Reviewer;- Sant & Gaurav

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