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Maxxis Hookworm MTB Tyre

Maxxis Hookworm MTB Tyre

Offer 1699.00 price ;- 2025.00

size 26X2.50

Suitable for all 26er MTBs

Professional Stunt tire for bicycles

high grip and corner support

  TPI: 60

  Bead: Wire

  Max PSI: 65

  Durometer: 60

  Weight: 1250g

This tire has amazing grip! Because of it’s ‘tiny-dot’ surface besides the grooves, it grips wet tiles just like it’s


Besides wet weather, this tire provides excellent feel for those who like cornering at high speeds. It gives a

smooth rolling feel, yet providing remarkable grip during hard braking. It provides good grip even as a rear tire,

so unless you really want to burn rubber, you wouldn’t choose to drift with this tire.

However, this tire has one disadvantage. It is heavy. The difference is significant when I lifted by bike and get

surprised by the increase in weight. It decreases your acceleration, but its very durable so you can be bore while

using this single tire so this is very friendly to your pocket. Best recommends for stunts riders.

url;- http://onlinebicycles.in/product/maxxis-hookworm-m121/

Brand;- Maxxis

Average rating 2.5/5

Rating;- 4.2/5

Best rating;-  5

Reviewer;- Sant & Gaurav

Review Date:-

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