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The choice until very recently restricted to narrower treads. Geax Gato is very durable in conditions ranging from wet and slippy to dry and dusty. It is proved the Gato to be an excellent all-rounder tire. It gives a high level of traction no matter the trail type or conditions. From the roots of the hills to the rocks , it’s taken it all in its stride and produces very good rolling speed. Indeed, The paddle-type tread pattern works well in the dry on rocks, roots and dirt, and finds reasonable grip on muddier trails. It’s not an out-and-out mud tyre, but Geax describe it as offering “maximum grip and control in wet and loose conditions”. we are sure it’s certainly a good tire for all-round use. It’s on loose dry-ish trails that the Gato feels most at home.

Push it into corners and there’s a reliable bite as you lean onto the shoulder knobs, but it is prone to breaking away quite suddenly when the limit of adhesion on whatever terrain you’re riding across is breached. Once familiar with it, it’s easy enough to rein in when you get to that point, and it’s happy to slew sideways through corners.
Durability has proven excellent. The tread blocks are reinforced at their bases so the shoulders don’t deform excessively when leaning hard on them in the corners.

26 X 1.9
26 X 2.1
26 X 2.3
27.5 X 1.9
27.5 X 2.1
27.5 X 2.3
29 X 1.9
29 X 2.1
29 X 2.3

Brand;- Geax 
Offer:- 1399.00 price;- 1565.00
Average rating 2.5/5
Rating;- 3/5
Best rating;-  5
Reviewer;- Sant & Gaurav
Review Date:- 

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